Force Measurement on a Hand Brake Lever

Sector: Automotive Supplier

During the assembly procedure of the hand brake lever in vehicles, settings aids are needed to adjust the operating force.

InSystems Automation optimized the wireless unities and developed a measurement visualizing software for a big German car manufacturer.

Project Description

The existing setting aids couldn’t hold the mechanical stress and were often broken.

In order to optimize them, so that they would be reliable, hat InSystems developed following changes:

  • The existing strain gauges were very sensitive to dynamic stress and were often destroyed because of a shock or while falling down. They were replaced by more efficient sensors, which are not sensitive to dynamic stress.
  • The antenna on the outside was constantly broken. Therefore, it was laid in a plastic case in the electric module.
  • The mechanical stress in the plastic case is so strong, that it got damaged very often. A new, shock-resistant plastic case was used and the fixing was reinforced.
  • The battery charging status was not displayed, so that it was visible, when the setting aids should be charged. The measurement software carries out this task now. It shows the charging times and when the setting aid is ready.

Customer  Benefits

Die optimized electronics and the changes allow a constant measurement speed. The calibration procedure is now fully automatic, this makes the measurements more efficient. The change in the plastic casing protect the high-quality measurement electronics and allows a longer duration.

Thanks to the visualizing, the operator can follow the measurements on the display. If a result is not within tolerance, he can immediately step in and eliminate the errors.

Full Description (PDF, German) 

mp-kraftmessung-handbremshebel mp-kraftmessung-handbremshebel