Digitalization of work

The digitalization of society and job markets can not be stopped, but there are still many questions to be answered that are connected to it. What kind of impact will this new technology have on us? Will intelligent machines, drones and robots cause a decrease in working opportunities for humans? Some predict the loss of thousands of jobs due to automatization and digitalization. What can the history of technology tell us in regards to such prognoses?

„Mr. Robot is taking your job!“

On the 7th of October 2017, we discuss these questions with Prof. Dr. Schlingloff, professor for software technology with the main focus on specification, verification and test theory of the Humboldt University of Berlin and Florian Swyter, politico-economic spokesman of the FDP party in the Berlin City Parliament, in our showroom industry 4.0. Managing director Henry Stubert, who has been supporting companies who wish to automate processes since 1999, takes part in this discussion to speak for InSystems. He knows the fears and worries that accompany digitalization and progress well. This panel discussion is part of an excursion event that is organized by InSystems and the Friedrich Naumann trust for Freedom.

Digitalization can’t be stopped

Experience shows that 1.) processes of such change and progress are usually far from being as fast as many fear and 2.) technological innovation can’t be stopped – so our focus shouldn’t be on how to stop and instead on how to design and adapt to this change. After all, if one looks at economically weak regions across Germany and Europe, their situation was usually caused by ill-designed economical, competitional, trade and education policies. But what kind of influence do politics have in the face of globalized conditions? What standards can politics and society enforce? Do politicians and those acting within society have the necessary neutrality to make well-informed, fundamental decisions?

Automatization touches on important, fundamental questions

As Caspar Hirschi, professor for history said: „It is still us humans who bear the responsibility for how much work, exploitation and poverty we have in our society.“

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