Relaunch Website

InSystems Automation has revised its online presence at and now presents itself more modern, informative and fresh. The old website had aged somewhat, both technical- and content-wise, and we now return with new focus.

InSystems’ online presence with new design

The website’s structure was completely built anew. On our homepage, visitors now find recent news about our products and technology, new releases in our online shop or background information about our staff and organisation. Under ‘Products’ and ‘Applications’, we inform about our various automation solutions customers may order at InSystems and illustrate practical examples from backgrounds such as transport robotics, assembly and conveyance.

The Showroom Industry 4.0 has become central

A central position was given to our Showroom Industry 4.0, which was opened last year. In the category of the same name, visitors can watch events in the showroom live and see the robots in action.

Upgrade for categories ‘Career’ and ‘News’

Under ‘Career’, we not only inform about current job vacancies, but also illustrate InSystems’ role as an employer. Furthermore, we describe anything interesting about entry possibilities and occupational fields and also give tips for applications. Journalists and press correspondents find press releases and news under ‘News’. Other interested parties or already existing customers may find links to our online shops in the main menu navigation.

The website is responsive and can also be accessed on mobile devices.