Pick-to-Light (P2L)

InSystems Automation developed two Pick-to-Light (P2L) sensors, which offer big advantage for parts picking, due to their shape and technology. With the InSystems P2L sensors, flat level with shorts and ergonomic paths in the material racks are possible. The distance is teachable and can be easily fit for different container shapes and filling heights.

The P2L sensors are equipped with an automatic teach function and adapt the distance to the container dimensions and to the filling height. The teach function is necessary for the sensor to recognize the only picking hand and ignore the parts in the container.

There are two sensor designs: digital and with CAN Bus. Every model is also available in the ESD version. You can find more informations on Details and FAQ  (German)

Visit the Pick-2-Light website

Advantages of the Pick-2-Light (P2L) Sensors

  • Die P2L sensors are small and can be built in material order systems or in Kan ban bins.
  • The small size allows flat racking levels, which provides an ergonomic supply architecture and short paths.
  • The C003 sensor is field-bus compatible (CAN-Bus) and its connection to the controller is very efficient: Up to 100 sensors can be connected to a BUS. Complicated, single wiring of each sensor to the PLC, as in other P2L sensors, is not necessary.
  • Simple integration, even in existing workplaces.
  • Quick reaction time: < 50 ms
  • The sensor are insensitive to sunlight.
  • Perfect for assembly, order picking or logistic thanks to step by step guide.
  • High process liability thanks to a clear identification of the removal position of the required pieces and scanning of the operator hand while picking single pieces
  • Combined to a  synchronized assembly line with priority control, they offer high process reliability because of the possibility of realizing actions, for example interrupting the assembly flow when the wrong piece is picked.
  • Suitable for assembling products with many variations in small batch sizes.
  • High efficiency, since the operator has both hands free and does not waste any time by looking for order positions or handling documents.