Christmas donation to the Arche Berlin-Treptow

500€ donation to the Arche Berlin-Treptow

InSystems donates 500€ to the Arche Berlin-Treptow for Christmas this year. The Arche in Treptow was opened one year ago in the Springbornstraße 248a and is the sixth Arche in Berlin.

The Arche’s team has now taken over what work had been carried out by the evangelical church “Evangelische Freikirche Berlin Johannistal” before. Three days a week, children are offered support for their homework and are offered opportunities to spend their free time sensibly – one of the activities offered lately was a cooking event, for which a cook brought the groceries and then spent time cooking, baking and decorating with the children until enough food for the whole Arche had been produced.

The Arche is a public social aid organisation which was founded in 1995 by Pastor Bernd Siggelkow in Berlin-Hellersdorf. One of its prime tasks is the fight against child poverty. There are recreational facilities and educational aid facilities for socially disadvantaged children run by the Arche in several German cities.

Creating cultural activity opportunities

“Children are the future. It’s important to us to help those who don’t fare as well as others.” says Torsten Gast, managing director of InSystems. The plan is to invite the children to InSystems’ Showroom Industry 4.0 next year and show them transport robots in action. “Cultural activity opportunities are especially important.”, notes Samuel Kuttler, one of the Arche’s staff members. “They are what allows these children to make new discoveries, so we are very happy about InSystems’ invitation.”

InSystems aims to give some joy to people who are disadvantaged in any way each year. Last time, support went out to the “Projekt Straßenkinder e.V.”, an organisation founded in the year 2000 which supports homeless children as well as those affected by poverty and educational deprivation.

InSystems’ team wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Arche Berlin-Treptow’s children, as well as to anyone else.


Project Arche Treptow

Project “Straßenkinder e.V.”